We aim to keep you informed of service disruptions in the event of bad weather, or where road maintenance or construction might affect your journey. Details of important planned work is shown here. You can also view regular update reports on Facebook or through Twitter.

If no update is shown for your local bus route, we are expecting to provide a normal service. However, remember that road conditions or traffic may still mean that buses will be subject to delay whilst operating the route. We do all we can to provide the service we are advertising, but unexpected traffic congestion, road conditions or sudden deterioration in weather can prevent us from doing so.
Remember, at times of bad weather, the situation can change very rapidly. Keep an eye on our live service update feeds below for the very latest information.

The latest updates from managers and inspectors around the Centrebus network are shown below:

Midlands current service disruptions


   Details of Disruption Duration                            

1 Alma Park


New Beacon Road Closure

New Beacon Road will not be served due to a road closure, during this time the service will divert via Harrowby Lane and Belton Lane, then as per the normal route into Grantham.

New Beacon Road


Monday 22nd October to 26th October



Raunds to Corby

Please note that the 18 service will NOT be serving The Square in Raunds due to access issues, which is currently being reviewed.

Passengers travelling to Corby are advised to wait outside the Library on the High Street and signal for the bus to stop if they wish to use the service.


18 in Raunds

 Until further notice





Road Closure: Eskdaill Street, Montagu Street & Victoria Street due to road works changing the road layout from one-way to two-way


Service 16/X16 will NOT be serving Eskdaill Street & will start and terminate from Horse Market, Kettering for the duration of the closure.


From 10th October to 5th November 2018



Fifth Avenue Road Closure.

Service 1 will be unable to serve Fifth Avenue due to the road being closed.  The service will operate via Harrowby Lane then via normal route.


1 Fifth Ave disruption

From 11th October to the 24th October




The bridge on Loughborough Road is being developed to allow for better flood defences. 

The 22A/B towards Leicester will divert via Abbey Lane and Thurcaston Road on to the normal line of route. 
The bus stops at McDonald's and on Thurcaston Road will be served on the diversion.

Buses towards Birstall are unaffected by the roadworks.

From Monday
8 January up to
10 months 

Broadmarsh Bus Station Closure

Due to the closure of Broadmarsh Bus Station, service 19 will use stop C12 Canal Street.

until further notice 




 A5199 Welford Road, Spratton - Bridge repairs

 Northamptonshire Highways are intending to carry out works on the bridge following a road traffic accident causing damage to the bridge. To complete these works safely the road will be closed for the duration of the works.

 The 60 service in both directions will follow the below diversion;



From 24 September to 20 October 2018




Road closure: Ravensbridge Drive - Section between St Margaret's Way and Abbey Gate (under the bridge)

Our 154 services to Loughborough will depart St Margaret's Bus Station as normal on to St Margarets Way, but will divert via Sanvey Gate to the traffic lights, turn right onto Frog Island to Abbey Gate and rejoin Ravensbridge Drive at the Maher Community Centre back on to its normal route.

   154 Ravensbridge Dr Closure 22 Oct to 07 Dec 2018


Due to all traffic being diverted in this direction our 154 may be subject to delays unfortunately, we do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


From 22nd October to 7th December 2018




Road Closed: Ravensbridge Drive heading into Leicester City Centre


Our 154 services towards Leicester City Centre will operate the normal route from Loughborough to Anstey Lane (Blackbird Pub), it will then take a left onto Blackbird Road to the cross roads and take a right onto St Margaret's Way, re-joining its normal route into the City Centre.


  154 Ravensbridge Dr Closure Inbound 10 Oct to 07 Dec 2018


Please note: The Maher Community Centre stop towards the City Centre will not be served for the duration of the closure


From 10th October to 7th December 2018




Road Closure: Railway Bridge - Kettering Road, Market Harborough


The 33 Market Harborough Town Service will operate its normal route via Scotland Road, Kettering Road, Gores Lane, Rockingham Road and Ashley Way back onto Kettering Road, but it will then divert back up Gores Lane onto Rockingham Road, St Mary's Road (near Lidl) back on to its normal route - missing out the section under the bridge on Kettering Road (near Cherry Trees).


 From 12th to 22nd October 2018


South current service disruptions                                                                                    


 Service    Details of Disruption Duration

Dallow Road Closure near the junction of the A505.


The service will divert into Luton will be via Brantwood Road, Ashburnham Road, Cardiff Road and then as per normal route.  The diversion out of Luton will be the reverse of above.

The bus stop at Vestry Close between Dunstable Rd and Brantwood Road will not be served.


X31 Dallow Rd

There will be no change to timetables, but congestion is expected

 From Sunday 21st October to Sunday 28th October