What is Carbonara?
For many it is just a tasty Italian dish from Lazio.... but to us, it is a smart travel card to encourage the use of Public Transport in the "low carbon-era"; giving the best value deals on Centrebus services in Leicester, Grantham, Melton, Hitchin or the Luton & Dunstable zone.

What is the point?
We want to make catching the bus quicker and easier. We want our existing customers to get the best value out of bus travel. And we want to get more people onto our buses. That is good business for us, good for you, and good for the environment. And that is just the start. 

How does it work?
In each area we are offering two types of card. Your card electronically stores details of the credit you have on it, and you can top it up with extra travel when you want to (on the bus). MultiTrip allows you to prepay for a number of journeys, and use them as you go. Weekly allows you to prepay for a week or more of travel, and then travel as often as you like.

Tell me more about MultiTrip...
Your first MultiTrip card will have enough credit for 10 single journeys in your local area. Each time you travel, one credit will be deducted. When you need more credit, present your card to the driver, and he can top it up. To make things simple, whenever you travel (in the valid zone) you will be charged a flat rate. See below for more information on costs.

And Weekly?
This works in a similar way, but you top your card up a week at a time. Your first card will have one week's free travel on it already. When you want to add more time, just present it to the driver and he/she will top it up. You can have more than one week of travel on the card at anytime, so top it up when it suits you, and you don't have to wait until it expires.

Where do I get one?
You can buy a Carbonara MultiTrip or Carbonara Weekly ticket for one of the five zones via the links at the bottom of this page (please make sure that you choose the correct one). Each card costs £14 (£10 for the club membership, a smartcard deposit of £3, plus admin fee of £1), but remember; you will get either 10 single bus trips or a week of local bus travel included on your first card - free of charge! Once ordered, you should receive your card within 3 to 5 working days.

How do I use it?
You can use your card on any Centrebus service in Leicester, Grantham, Melton, Hitchin or Luton/Dunstable which is smartcard enabled. The card is valid for travel on most of our routes entirely within the boundaries of the town or city (but not Leicester's UHL Hospital Hopper or Luton's 88 service). Illustrations of the boundaries can be found at the bottom of this page.

When you board, put your Carbonara on the smart card reader (top of ticket machine), the machine will check if your card is valid and, if so, show a green and issue you with a ticket. Then just take a seat, and enjoy the journey.

What are the rules?
The Carbonara rules are available here. All travel is subject to our normal terms and conditions. You must be a member of our Travel Club to buy and use Carbonara cards, but your first year's membership is included in the prices quoted below. You can only use your Carbonara card in the area you chose, whether that be the Leicester, Grantham Inner, or Luton/Dunstable fare zone. After the first year of membership, the renewal free reduces to £3.

Are there any other benefits?
Not only will you save money, but getting on the bus will be quicker and you won't have to worry about change. You will also be enrolled in our Travel Club when you join (the first year's membership is included in the price), and that will get you 15% off standard single and return fares even when you are not using Carbonara. The membership renewal in subsequent years costs just £3 (current price).
How much does Carbonara cost?
Check the tables below for more information.



 Leicester City (Fare zone)

Melton Town (Fare Zone)

Grantham Town (Fare Zone)

Luton and Dunstable (Fare Zone)

Hitchin (Fare Zone)

Multi-Trip Weekly Multi-Trip Weekly Multi-Trip Weekly Multi-Trip Weekly Multi-Trip Weekly

Inital Purchase Price  


£10  £10 £10 £10 £10


£10 £10 £10



£3  £3 £3 £3 £3  £3  £3 £3 £3

Admin Fee

£1  £1  £1 £1 £1 £1  £1 £1 £1 £1

Top Up on Bus

 £14 £12  £15 £12 £12 £10 £15 £13 £14 £10

Zonal Map

Leicester Map Melton Map Grantham Town Map Luton and Dunstable Map Hitchin Map